Why you should study in the UK in 2023?

Choose the UK to build your future! Why you should study in the UK in 2023?

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    Our Services are Free

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Why you should study in the UK in 2023?

World Class Education at Affordable price

all-inclusive of your fees

  • World class leading universities 
  • Top in research and produced some of the best inventions in the world 
  • Historic universities in modern settings with modern facilities such as 24-hour library with security personnel present.  
  • Safe and friendly student and local communities  
  • World class tutors and study materials 
  • Shorter duration of course 
  • Want to get some industry experience – no problem – University placement office will guide on finding a suitable work placement to supplement your education.  
  • Closer to Nigeria and same time zone 

Excellent Student Support Systems – feeling low – university welfare team/ campus doctor will support you – want to apply for jobs- university careers office will help writing your CV – finding it difficult to write essays for assignments – academic support departments will train you on writing good essays – need visa advise – university visa team will give you specialist advise – feeling sporty – join a Students’ Union Society or Club – and the list goes on.

Straight forward hassle-free Admission Applications

with our Specialist Guidance

  • Easy Steps: Apply with the help of Student Connect, get your conditional Offer, meet your conditions, pay your deposit, get your CAS for visa, apply for visa, fly to the UK and begin building your future!  
  • No need for IELTS for majority of Nigerians, UK universities will accept your WAEC/NECO* 
  • Alternate English tests including free tests by universities are accepted 
  • Study gap is not a major obstacle, we will support you with presenting a case to the university* 
  • Previous visa refusals, we will provide specialist guidance in explaining to universities on these* 

Affordable fees

Return on Investment is higher than the fees you will pay

  • Plenty of merit based and country-based scholarships for Nigerians 
  • Free advice on UK Chevening and Commonwealth Scholarship advise for those who are eligible* 
  • When you are enrolled on campus and find yourself in a difficult spot due to reasons beyond your control, universities may step in to support you with hardship funding means tested*.  

Dependant Visa application

Bring your family

  • If you are on post graduate course or PhD, bring your children and spouse to the UK 
  • Your dependant spouse can work FULL TIME in the UK or set up their business 
  • Got your spouse and children accompanying with you to the UK, leave the worries of visa applications to us. We will do all your dependant visa applications for FREE. 
  • If you have dependants on student visa, any other visas you may apply after student visa, your dependants are eligible to apply with you as well and will continue to have full working rights in the UK. 
  • Children get free schooling in the UK and also health care as you would have paid Immigration Health Surcharge 

Cost of Living in the UK

Working while studying

  • Universities across the UK: We find you places were cost of living is low compared to other parts 
  • Shared accommodation with other people- low rent 
  • Plenty of discounts for Students from transport to food to retail shopping 
  • You can work 20hrs per week during school time and full-time during vacations.  
  • Can work in most jobs: Care work / health industry work is popular among Nigerian students.  
  • Plenty of part time job opportunities after Brexit 
  • Minimum wage of £9.50 per hour (aged 23 and over), £9.18 per hour (21 and 22) and £6.83 per hour (18-20) 

Post Study Work Visa (Graduate Route)

and beyond...

  • On completion of undergraduate or postgraduate or PhD, you are eligible for 2 years post study work visa 
  • We will help you with the Post Study Work Visa application for you and your family 
  • Worried what is after Post Study Work Visa? - you can continue to remain in the UK on other visa categories such as Skilled Worker Visa 
  • Universities run many workshops on different kind of visas  

Feeling Entrepreneurial?

UK got you covered

  • You are eligible to apply for Start Up visa valid for 2 years after completing your course or before post study work visa expires.  
  •  You do not need any investment money, just a brilliant idea for a business 
  • Your university can endorse you for Start Up visa – And this visa allows you to work full time in any job in the UK without the need for sponsorship.  
  • After Start Up visa, apply to Innovator Visa leading to settlement in the UK.  

*Certain terms and conditions apply, discuss with us for more specialist advise.