There are only certain banks which UK Visas and Immigration accept financial evidence from Bangladesh and India. The list keeps changing from time to time, before you deposit your money, please ensure you check with Student Connect that the bank is accepted by UKVI.

Previously UKVI had a list of acceptable and unacceptable financial institutions listing banks which are accepted by UKVI to process visa applications. However, this list of banks have now been removed from the guidance and UKVI have replaced them with the below guidance.

Using funds from an overseas bank account is permitted. Funds from an overseas account will not be considered by the Home Office however if any of the following apply:

  • The Home Office is unable to make satisfactory verification checks of the overseas bank; or
  • The overseas bank is not regulated by the appropriate regulatory body in the respective overseas country; or
  • The overseas bank does not use electronic record keeping

Please refer to,, of the Immigration Rules for further details.

Our expert advice to you is to use top five major banks of your country or any country which are popular in your country. This would reassure UKVI of the requirements they are looking for.


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