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We are a UK based higher education consultancy creating a rewarding higher education experience for international students in the UK.


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We have built a wealth of experience in the UK higher education system over the past 10 years with a combined work experience of our colleagues for over 30 years. Our staff have dynamic professional backgrounds from solicitors to higher education professionals.

  • Our service is free

    Our service is free

    We provide free consultation. It is transparent, honest and supportive. We ensure to represent your best interest at all times.

  • We prioritise you

    We prioritise you

    We have first-hand experience of how daunting international higher education journey can be and we will place you at the heart of all our services.

  • From admission to graduation

    From admission to graduation

    Our team is experienced in higher education and our operations are aligned with British Council agency certification.

  • Supporting you on completion of studies

    Supporting you on completion of studies

    We will provide you with guidance on post-study work options, including setting up a business in the UK, finding full-time job opportunities or going for further education.

  • UK student visa specialists

    UK student visa specialists

    We will guide and advise you of the latest visa requirements including preparation for credibility interviews depending on your circumstances.

  • Portfolio of Universities

    Portfolio of Universities

    We work with popular universities for popular courses and are continuing to establish relationships with more universities to provide you with a wide range of options.

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February 4, 2022

CV and reference letters

CVs and reference letters are vital for both your university admission and thereafter. Putting together your ideal CV might seem like a daunting task, but it’s a personal document that you know best about yourself. The training sessions will contain how to write an engaging CV which is effective and solid.