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The perks of pursuing your higher education in the UK are countless – and one amongst them is the post study work opportunities that are provided to the international students pursuing their higher education in the UK. So, apart from having the flexibility to tailor your course based on your preference or the duration of the course, you also can earn professional work experience in the UK upon successful completion of your study. The UK celebrates talent in all its form and the new Graduate Route is one of the several ways to help you fulfil your professional dreams in the UK. So are you curious to know more about post graduate work visa opportunities that’s available to you? We have shared everything you need to know about the post study work visa in the UK and how you can apply for one!

All international students who have completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a Higher Education Provider with a valid Student visa or a track record of compliance at the time of application will have the opportunity to work or look for work through the Graduate Route. 

How long can a student stay on a post-study work visa in the UK?

So what’s the period of time a student can stay on a post study work visa in the UK? At Bachelor’s or master’s level, students can stay up to 2 years while doctoral students can stay for 3 years in the UK.

Staying up to 2 or 3 years becomes easy and convenient with the post study work visa. This document will allow you to remain in the country for two full years, a great way of giving yourself plenty of time to experience the culture without feeling rushed - allowing a more enriching experience.

Although the Graduate Route is non-extendable but graduates who find a job that meets the requirements can apply for work routes, including the Skilled Worker, Global Talent or Innovator routes at the end of 2-3 years.

Concessions have been put in place in light of the current global pandemic. Extensions have been put on dates to enter the UK, due to continued travel disruption. Thus, you can make the most out of these extensions that have been allowed in the post graduate work visa regulations. To be eligible for the Student Route, applicants who pursued their studies in the Autumn 2020 can enter the UK with a permission as a student until 21st June. 27th September 2021 is the deadline for entering the UK for students who have enrolled for the January or February sessions.

When should students apply for a post-study work visa?

You must apply for your new visa before your initial Student visa expires; this will normally give you a few months after your course has ended in which to apply for the Graduate visa. Applying for the Graduate visa can be done prior to graduating from your university and being given a certificate.

This is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to visit or extend their stay in the country. With the Graduate visa option, students will have up to four months (depending on their course length) to carefully plan applications and gather the documentation required. Taking full advantage of this post-course period will enable students to properly prepare for all the associated paperwork and other logistic needs.

Working in the UK

The post-study work visa enables those who have studied here in the UK to find employment related to their field of qualification or undertake further study, allowing them to develop their career prospects and add value to the UK labour market. It also helps employers take advantage of a larger pool of talented potential employees that come from across the world. For many students, this post-study work visa can provide them with much needed work experience after graduating—a crucial asset to help get ahead in their profession.

The UK has been the hub of academic excellence and technological brilliance. Whether its Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Construction, Healthcare, Fine arts and Design or Manufacturing, some of the biggest global giants have their operations based out of the UK. That’s what makes the post study visa such a lucrative opportunity for students who wish to further their career in the UK.

Degrees awarded in the UK are held in high esteem and are globally recognized by employers all over the world. Professional work experience in the UK will not only boost your career prospects but also provide you with an exposure of a lifetime. So, whether you are planning for settlement in the UK or keen to gain professional work experience before returning to your home country, the Graduate Route offers you the opportunity to fulfil your cherished dreams.

Access to the UK Labour Market

With the Graduate Route, international students can smoothly transition to make themselves eligible for the coveted UK Labor market. With the new Graduate Route, graduates can work at any skill level without having to meet the minimum salary threshold or job sponsorship from employers. The access to job opportunities relevant to the skills and interests of students is one of the primary advantages of the new Graduate Route offered to international students. In a constantly evolving dynamic labour market thriving on intense competition, post study work opportunities provided to international students can be particularly helpful in securing employment opportunities. And the post study work visa in the United Kingdom offers you the best path to secure a job in this highly-rewarding labour market.

Improved score in the Points based Immigration System

According to the new Points based immigration system, an additional 20 points are granted for jobs that appear on the Shortage Occupation List. As an international student if you are pursuing a professional degree which is classified as a skills shortage position, then the chances of securing employment and residency is comparatively brighter.

Economic Benefits

Access to employment opportunities in the UK, post successful completion of your degree can provide you with financial security and assistance. For example, if you have opted for financial assistance like a student loan, then employment in the UK would help in faster loan repayment. Even otherwise, the financial rewards and benefits given to employees in the UK can help you achieve financial stability earlier in your career. Either way, you can leverage the post study work visa system in the UK to your long-term benefit.

Corporate Networking

As an international student employed in the UK, you earn the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and brightest minds in the field of science, commerce, and fine arts. As the hub of scientific innovation and creative brilliance, the UK houses the biggest corporate giants and creative geniuses. So, kickstarting your professional career in the UK provides you with the rare opportunity to network with influential people from all walks of life – people who are the movers and shakers of the business.


Equal Employment Opportunities

Irrespective of the nationality of the employees, equality is at the core of all establishments in the UK. So, as an international student if you are employed through the Graduate Route, you are entitled to equal opportunities and benefits. The UK is governed by fair labour laws and ensures there is transparency and equality in all employment sectors.

Experience Multiculturalism at Workplace

As the epicentre of innovation and development, the UK is home to not just diverse industrial giants but also people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds and nationalities. So, you get the opportunity to experience true multiculturalism at the workplace. The rich amalgamation of diverse culture, lifestyle and work ethics of different people helps you develop appreciate beauty in diversity, develop tolerance and a holistic view of work life balance.

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