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With its unparalleled history, countless cultural amenities and proximity to Europe, the UK is always one of the biggest draws for international students. Some students, however, are reluctant to invest time and energy in trying to study in the UK thinking that it will be difficult to get a scholarship. But it does not have to be. Below, the team at Student Connect outline how to get a scholarship to study in the UK.

How to Get a Scholarship to Study in the UK: Six Simple Steps

If you have always wanted to study in the UK follow these six simple steps to increase your chance of getting a scholarship:

1: Start early

The earlier you start the process the better. We recommend you start researching scholarships at least one or even two years before you hope to attend university in the UK. Discover your options and learn what academic and real-world credentials are most likely to win you a scholarship.

For example, we would recommend checking which university provides scholarships on the basis of nationality or region; you could discover some very strong options using this approach.

2: Make sure you are eligible

Every scholarship has its own eligibility requirements. So before you spend too much time preparing to apply for scholarship X make sure you are eligible for it. Virtually every available scholarship has its own website where they will have eligibility criteria prominently displayed.

3: Make a note of the application deadline

The last thing you want is to find a scholarship you are eligible for only to miss the application deadline. Deadlines will be available on the same websites as the eligibility requirements. Make a list of deadlines for scholarships you are interested in and keep it somewhere visible.

4: Check the required documents

Different scholarships require different supporting documents. In some cases, the number of supporting documents may be minimal. In other cases, there may be quite a few, including financial records and more. Make sure you know exactly what each scholarship requires.

5: Reference letter

In some cases, you may be asked to supply a letter or letters of reference along with your application. A reference from the right person can make a big difference, so don't overlook this aspect of the application process. Make sure you arrange for reference letters well in advance.

6: Personal statement

You will likely need to include a personal statement as part of your scholarship application. These typically require you to summarise your academic achievements to date and your aims for the future. You should make sure your personal statement is concisely written while remaining accurate and sincere.

7: Double-check and submit

Better yet, triple-check your application to make sure everything is correct and that you have all the necessary supporting docs. If you are sure everything looks okay, go ahead and submit the application and then move on to the next one.

Follow these six steps and you will boost your chances of securing the scholarship you need to study in the UK. Good luck!

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