CU Coventry | Coventry University

CU Coventry | Coventry University

Numerous vocational courses are offered by CU Coventry, and they are all taught in a flexible, progressive manner that is adapted to the needs of the students. This means you'll have more time to thoroughly research subjects and focus entirely on assignments before moving on. Six weeks are allotted for each subject, and you get grades as you go. To make higher education more accessible to everyone, we offer multiple intakes throughout the academic year. During the block, courses can start whenever they want. The Coventry University Group's assessment strategy guarantees a fair evaluation of our courses and allows us to monitor students' advancement in achieving the desired learning outcomes. At CU Coventry, you will concentrate on just one subject at a time.

Why study at CU Coventry | Coventry University?

CU Coventry will be designed for students who have decided that the traditional student experience is not for them and want to benefit from high-quality courses on a more concentrated basis. The courses at CU Coventry are designed around the standards set by Professional Bodies, so we will help you prepare for the exams that they set.

Entry Requirements

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