Top highly paying jobs in the current times and courses related to those job

Top highly paying jobs in the current times and courses related to those job

May 6, 2022 Blog and Vlogs

Millions of students dream of pursuing their higher education in the UK. One of the primary factors motivating them for the same are that UK degrees are not only globally recognized but also helps students secure highly paid employment. While choosing a course for higher studies, both personal motivation and the financial returns play an important role in the decision-making process.

Doctors and Dentists are most likely to find full-time employment with high salary both within or outside the UK, post their graduation or postgraduation. Courses related to Medicine and Dentistry are very popular amongst students pursuing their higher education in the UK as the highest average salaries a year after graduating is at an average of £36,600 per annum. 
Veterinary Science is also a very popular course and comes a close second to Medicine and Dentistry course in terms of salary. Veterinary graduates earn an average salary of £28,000.

Engineering courses are very highly popular especially specializations in the field of electronics and telecommunication, Computer Science, Mechanical, Aerospace amongst others. Economics graduates mostly find employment as academicians, financial firms, or further research. Both engineers and economic graduates earn an average of £26,500 and £26,000 in their first year of employment respectively.

Creative Arts and Design course offered by UK universities are some of the most sought after in the world. Employability rate of Arts and Design graduates are quite high and the average salary earned , a year after graduating is £14,900 per annum.

With almost every university offering Sport and Exercise Sciences courses, the much in demand courses are very popular amongst students globally. Employed as sports coaches, physical trainers and academicians, they make an average of £15,800 in the first year of employment.

Communication and media are the movers and shakers in today’s world and graduates earn anywhere between £16,000 to £17,000.

With more and more emphasis being put on mental and emotional well-being, both at an individual and organizational level, most universities offer Psychology degrees ranging from Counselling Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Psychology etc. Psychology graduates earn an average of  £17,100 respectively in their first year of employment.

Aeronautical Engineering degree in the UK are one of the most developed aeronautical systems in terms of the extensive network of airlines and of its modern infrastructure. Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, apart from the degree, also require a certain number of hours of flying practice to get a license and earn an average of £1,491 per week.

Sales and Marketing Professionals design and organize marketing campaigns and sales strategies for organizations that drive business. Sales and Marketing directors make into the list of highest paying jobs in the UK with an annual average salary of £1397.

Lawyers find employment opportunities in several sectors and is also one of the highly rewarding job. A law graduate with a degree in Law from a reputed university is estimated to earn £1,349.3 per week. An undergraduate degree is required at the entry level but postgraduate degrees brighten up your chances of a more fulfilling career.

IT Industry offers a wide range of roles to choose from apart from an attractive income. IT graduates are sought after in every sector and forms the backbone of any organization. Almost all universities in the UK offer courses in Information Technology (IT) and graduates can expect to earn around £1,380 per week.

Stock Market brokers are required to possess business degrees, however higher academic qualifications are recommended. As a third party between two organizations, brokers charge commission fees for their services and earn around £1,250 per week.

Finance Professionals secure employment in a wide range of sectors as finance is the backbone of any institution. Finance and Management related courses offer the relevant expertise for financial analysis and reporting and graduates earn around £1,247 per week.

While the numbers are a rough average and indicative, but the above jobs are some of the highest paying jobs and highly sought after.


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