The three main things on every student's mind: money, a good job and permanent residence

The three main things on every student's mind: money, a good job and permanent residence

May 6, 2022 Blog and Vlogs

A dream pursued by millions of students across the world – the dream of graduating from one of the prestigious universities in the UK. While the preparations for getting admission requires a lot of sincere effort and dedication, but once a student secures admission there are primarily three things concerning most students – Money, Employment, and a Permanent Resident status in the UK.

A degree in the UK is comparatively expensive and add to that the cost of living, transportation, medical expenses entertainment etc., the numbers can really go up!  Students must ensure that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves during their tenure as a student. While some students manage to grab scholarships, most of them fund their studies themselves. However, students can engage in part-time employment for a maximum of 20 hrs. a week during term time, subject to conditions. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to earn as they study and cover at least some portion of their expenses. The UK government ensures that there is fair pay and outlines standard payment rates by the hour, thereby protecting the rights of students on zero hour contracts.

Students can find ways of financially supporting themselves by either finding suitable employment within their universities or even outside it like in the Retail, Healthcare, Automobile, or the Beverage industry. Students can also earn as they learn by securing paid internships. This comes with the dual benefit of gaining knowledge in the relevant field of study and earning the bucks.

It is highly recommended that students engage in thorough financial planning to support themselves during their stay in the UK. Also, utmost care must be taken that academics are always prioritized and never compromised. 
The end goal of having an education is to secure a good job. Now, what is a good job? While the answer might greatly vary from people to people, but certain factors remain constant like a good salary, job satisfaction, healthy work environment amongst others. Securing a job in the UK is easier than ever today. The Graduate Immigration Route (GIR) offers the opportunity for students to stay in the UK, 2 years post their study. During this time, they can engage in employment or search for one.

The UK is home to almost all the global corporate giants in the world. International students can avail the once in a lifetime opportunity to secure full time employment in reputed organizations. Studies reveal that companies are more likely to hire students who have internship experience in the relevant field or have interned with them in the past. So, landing a good job requires detailed planning, probably from the first year of study. In a highly competitive global job market, students must be prepared to walk more than the extra mile to secure their dream job. Students who are offered job sponsorship by their organization can stay back while others are required to leave at the end of two years. With the right degree of planning, hard work and a strong desire to succeed, securing a job sponsor in the UK is not a Herculean task.

Apart from being one of the world’s foremost economies and education hubs, the UK is also the melting pot of world culture. Its illustrious history combined with modern industrialization makes it a lucrative place to live in. Following Brexit, the UK has adopted point-based immigration system in 2021. The minimum requirement to be eligible for a Permanent Resident ship (PR is 70 points. Those on Student Visa can earn points through demonstration of offer from an approved educational institution, fluency in English, high academic qualifications, particularly within STEM, working while studying, a job offer etc. Graduates can work permanently in the UK by applying for the Skilled Worker (Tier-2 visa). International graduates with dreams of entrepreneurship can opt for the Tier-1 visa.

Students with five-year experience in a Graduate job are qualified for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa. This requires demonstration of a full-time job and stable income, a track record of good moral conduct and zero criminal charges to be able to apply for British citizenship and qualify for the rights and benefits of a British citizen.


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