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University of Hertfordshire

Doctorate in Cyber Security

We offer a rigorous doctorate level environment to investigate important cyber security and cyber operations issues. Our specialist R&D team have expertise in the areas of, risk and threat management, PsyOps and deception, situational awareness, penetration testing, network security, incident response, digital forensics, threat intelligence and counterintelligence and information security. We’ll invite you to become members of the Cyber Security Centre and share in our experience and knowledge. Every step of the way we'll ensure you feel challenged and inspired.

Central to this programme is your portfolio of research work which will explore a key theme and give you the chance to investigate technical, business and process concepts under the context of cyber security and cyber operations. We’ll guide you to develop your portfolio, specialist technological skills and research. We’ll give you the tools to identify and create uncontested market space through innovation. You’ll master excellent critical thinking skills and an awareness of the application of cyber related technologies into organisations and their information environments. You’ll gain thorough research and management skills, from leadership to change management, helping you to become a cyber security leader of the future.

This course is designed to help develop industry-based technical experts who are looking for greater flexibility and enterprise focus than a PhD traditionally may offer. This course integrates easily with your work and host organisation by giving you the opportunity to focus your contribution of knowledge around your organisation and your day job. We’ll ensure that when you graduate, you’ll have everything you need to deal with complex issues in today’s and future cyber operations in the global information environment.

Entry Requirements

A first degree in engineering or science. Cyber security is a multifaceted discipline. First degrees from other relevant disciplines (e.g. business and psychology) will be considered.

Applicants with a Master's degree may move more rapidly into their research phase.

A minimum IELTS score of 6.0. TOEFL 550 (213 CBT) or equivalent is required for those for whom English is not their first language.

Career Prospects

  • You aspire to lead innovation in cyber security and cyber operations
  • You want to learn in a specialist infrastructure which allows for capabilities in different cyber operation types
  • You’re looking for complete flexibility in your research project, giving you the work life balance you desire
  • You want to link your research project with your day to day work to give maximum benefit to you and your company
  • You want to benefit from the knowledge of an R&D team who have developed (or are in the process of developing) technologies and techniques in most of the recognised cyber operation types
  • You’re excited to join a highly entrepreneurial and ambitious cohort of practitioners from a cyber security and defence and security background.
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