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BSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games

This specialist degree focuses on game audio and film music, covering creative, technical and business. You’ll compose, produce, and implement music and sound for a huge variety of film, animation and game audio titles, and be part of networking and collaboration within the school of creative arts. With the support of industry professionals, you’ll analyse the styles of different composers and genres, understand film/ game workflows, explore middleware, and develop a critical understanding of how musical parameters affect visuals. You’ll also study the business aspects of this sector, pursue work experience and build the skills to become a creative, technical and entrepreneurial musician/ audio professional.

Entry Requirements

UCAS pointsA LevelBTEC

IB requirement: 104-112 UCAS points.

Access course: Diploma with 45 level 3 credits at merit.

All students from non-majority English speaking countries require proof of English language proficiency, equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

Career Prospects

The games industry is a continually growing area, with our graduates in a range of audio-based roles. 2019-20 student stories include Robin McGovern (Junior Audio Designer) at Ubisoft Düsseldorf, Matthew Mainprize (Audio Designer), Gavin Chuong (Graduate Audio Rigger) at Frontier Developments for games such as 'Jurassic World Evolution', and Jamal Green (Composer) for SKELATTACK, published by Konami - out on PS4 / XboxOne / Nintendo Switch & PC. Our students are also progressing into successful production music careers, 2020 has seen both Oscar Aldred and Toby Ellis join Universal Production Music as composers. 

“I feel very confident in saying that I would not have the privilege on working on these fantastic games had I not graduated from the University of Hertfordshire where I studied my Bachelor of Science Degree in Music composition and Technology for Film and Games.  My time studying this degree was crucial in my development as an audio professional. This high standard of creating and creativity when paired with the more technical modules of going in depth with middleware and Unity helped teach the missing knowledge which would become the essential foundations to make me perfect for my current role. I am very proud to be an alumni of the University of Hertfordshire” - Robin McGovern, Ubisoft

“The BSc in Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games course gave me a great platform to learn, improve and open my mind to new audio possibilities.  Additionally, as part of my degree, I undertook a placement year where I had an internship at Rare, working on audio for ‘Sea of Thieves’. This experience certainly opened my eyes (or ears) to the world of sound design/music and video games, and was something I took forward into my third year when I came back to University. Couple my time at Rare with modules on the course that were specially focused on creating sound and music for games, I gained knowledge of creating assets for projects. And the relevant engines/ tools commonly used for development” - Matthew Mainprize, Frontier Developments

Our graduates have also gone on to be professional Film composers and songwriters (including exclusive contracts with EMI and Sony Music for example), working for major companies such as the BBC, PRS, as well as sound engineering and teaching. Several have continued their studies for Master's and PhD degrees.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers as film and TV composers and songwriters (including some with exclusive songwriting contracts with EMI and Sony Music). They work for organisations such as the BBC and PRS, create sound design for computer games, and work in sound engineering and teaching. Others continue their studies with a Master’s and PhD.

Course Details

You will receive a mixture of interactive lectures, seminars and tutorials, with much practical based teaching. Module content is reviewed each academic year to remain current and industry relevant, and you will have opportunities to independently collaborate with student filmmakers/ game designers additional to the timetabled sessions. You can also benefit from the input of additional music industry experts visiting our University.

Course Content 

The BSc (Hons) in Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games brings an enhanced emphasis on music for video games and media. The course focuses on two specialist areas of equal importance. From a game audio perspective, you will create and implement music and sound designs for a variety of projects across both leading Unreal and Unity engines, exploring industry relevant skills.  From a media composer standpoint, you will be developing your composition talent across areas such as film, TV production music, animation and live performance.  Subject currency is a key strength of the course, with content reviewed by industry professionals, and enhanced on a regular basis to meet industry needs.     

You will analyse the styles of different game/ film composers and genres of soundtracks, study the script writing, reading process and understand different stages of the practical production across Pro Tools and Logic. You will develop a critical understanding of how different musical and technical parameters affect visuals, and study business aspects associated to specialist creative roles in the industry.

Importantly, you will pursue professional work experience and build working relationships with other students developing collaborations in the Faculty. 

Most of all, you will be an entrepreneurial musician - someone who has talent as a composer and has the ability to get their music out there…

Our location is at the heart of the UK film and media industries and we utilise this unique benefit in combination with well-designed and practical courses.

Year 1

Techniques and technology 1
Learning skills
Perspectives of music 1
Composition for film and games 1

Year 2

Techniques and technology 2
Studies and investigations 2
Perspectives of music 2
Composition for film and games 2

Optional modules
Professional work experience 30: music

Year 3

Year abroad
Sandwich year (creative arts)
Perspectives of music 3
Project (film and games)
Techniques and technology 3
Studies and investigations 3
Perspectives of music 3
Project (film and games)
Techniques and technology 3 (version 2)
Studies and investigations 3 (version 2)

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