University of Hertfordshire - BA (Hons) International Business with German

University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) International Business with German

Study plan overview – Three-year programme

Year 1: University of Hertfordshire  

Year 2:  Study abroad in English (Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia or Australia). Minimum study abroad of one semester required and ideally you will be away for the whole year.

Year 3: University of Hertfordshire 

Study plan overview - Four-year programme

Year 1: University of Hertfordshire  

Year 2: University of Hertfordshire or Study abroad in English (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia) for one or two semesters.

Year 3: Study abroad with the option of a work placement (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia) or a year-long placement if you have studied abroad in Year 2. The work placements can also be in the UK, in internationally facing roles and would need to be approved by the placements team. 

Year 4: University of Hertfordshire 

In your first year, you’ll start your studies at the University of Hertfordshire.  Your core modules will be Marketing, Economics, Accounting and Human Resources. You’ll learn regional consumer patterns that influence how companies decide to advertise and digitally communicate to their audience. Explore how politics and levels of infrastructure, such as transport, can affect global economic development. If you decide to, you can pick up a language during this year.   

In your second year, you can stay at the University of Hertfordshire or study at one of our partner universities in English taking similar subjects. In the four-year route you have a choice to study at a partner university, whilst in the three-year route you must study at a partner university for at least one semester. The programme team at Hertfordshire will support you in your choice of modules at the partner university.

Here there’s a stronger international focus of the business disciplines. You’ll explore geographic influences on international relations in geopolitics and gain an international insight on global employment laws, performance and people management in HR and finance. You’ll also explore economics at an international level and get a better understanding of our own and the European market.   

You’ll start taking your learning into your own hands. You can choose to continue with your language if you want and you have a choice of optional modules. You can dip into Exploring Business Ethics, learn about project management or learn about Cross Cultural Management.

Students on the four-year route will all be abroad in your third year. You can shape your learning through study or practice too. This means you can study for one semester at one of our partner universities, then do a placement. Or you can spend the entire year studying abroad. This can be at one university, or you can experience two. Wherever you go, they’ll teach you in English. However, you can challenge your language skills and study some of your modules in their native language. The great part about this year is that you don’t pay tuition fees to us or the university that you go to.  You’ll be learning about different cultures. You’ll build your international networks and get the contacts you need, should you decide to start your career abroad. If you have studied abroad in your second year, you will be able to undertake a year-long placement in your third year.  

On both the three-year and four-year programmes your final year will be at the University of Hertfordshire. Your core modules will be Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Business and Sustainability, International Strategic Leadership, Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation. You’ll choose the other half of your programme from a wide variety of business modules offering a strong global focus, including in marketing, HR, finance, management systems and economics. You can also continue to study a language and can choose to do a dissertation You’re able to tailor your final year to match your own interests and career aspirations.    

Please keep in mind, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will need to consider government guidelines regarding travel at the time you reach your second and third year.  

Entry Requirements

UCAS pointsA LevelBTECIB

GCSE: Grade 4/C in English Language and Mathematics

All students from non-majority English speaking countries require proof of English language proficiency, equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 6 with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

Career Prospects

This EPAS-accredited international business degree gives you exceptional employability and 92%  of our graduates are in work or further study within six months of graduating. They go into a wide range of roles in both internationally oriented UK businesses and in organisations all over the world.

Some of our graduates are offered jobs by the companies they took placements with, while others join graduate training schemes with globally focused companies. Some work as international experts within smaller businesses, and others secure professional roles in multi-national companies. Each year a number of our students also stay on to study at postgraduate level.

With a business degree, language skills and international exposure, you’ll be an attractive prospect for employers worldwide, as well as for UK-based multinationals. Many of our graduates work across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, in the financial, automotive, publishing and retail sectors. They work in fields including HR, marketing, sales, procurement and travel management. Our graduates earn an average salary of £23,000 six months after finishing the course.

Course Details

You'll normally study four 15 credit modules in each semester and your contact time varies between modules. Usually, you’ll have two sessions per week for each module, a one-hour lecture following by a one-hour seminar/tutorial. Typically, a new topic or theory will be introduced in each lecture and will be followed up with class discussion and feedback in the subsequent seminar. In addition, as part of your study time, you will be collaborating with your peers on tasks and group assignments. Module leaders also offer weekly drop-in and feedback sessions, usually 2 x 1 hours per module as well as revision sessions. 

The University’s online learning environment means you can access all your course resources, literature and timetables from anywhere in the world. 

Usually, assessment is split between coursework and examinations. The style of coursework can vary from presentations to business reports or essays depending on the taught topics. 

Degree programmes are structured into levels, 4, 5 and 6.  These correspond to your first, second and fourth which is your final year. In addition, you will have access to a zero-credit module in the first year, which focusses on developing your academic skills.

Academic skills

Year 1

People and organisations
Economics for international business
Marketing for international business
Quantitative methods for international business
Accounting aspects of business
The global business environment

Optional modules
Understanding marketing
German route a - 4a
German route a - 4b
German route b - 4a
German route b - 4b

Year 2

European consumer markets: issues and trends
Finance for global business
Hrm for international business
Global supply chain management
Economics of the global economy

Optional modules
Project planning and control
Digital marketing in practice
Organisational psychology
Placement study abroad asia (ab)
Placement study abroad asia (a)
Placement study abroad asia (b)
Placement study abroad africa (ab)
Placement study abroad africa (a)
Placement study abroad africa (b)
Placement study abroad australia (ab)
Placement study abroad australia (a)
Placement study abroad australia (b)
Placement study abroad europe (ab)
Placement study abroad europe (a)
Placement study abroad europe (b)
Placement study abroad north america (ab)
Placement study abroad north america (a)
Placement study abroad north america (b)
Placement study abroad latin america (ab)
Placement study abroad latin america (a)
Placement study abroad latin america (b)
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
Placement study abroad at an overseas academic institution
German route a - 5b
German route a - 5a
German route b - 5a
German route b - 5b

Year 3

Contemporary issues in ethics, business and sustainability
International strategic leadership
International production and governance
Issues in global economy
International human resource management
Global marketing ethics and culture
Knowledge management and business intelligence
Islamic banking and finance
Creative problem solving for managers
Social networking and enterprise
Research methods
Corporate financial strategy
Financial aspects of international business
Hbs placement
International business dissertation
Databases for strategic decision making
Integrated marketing communications
German mini project
German project
German route a - a
German route a - b
German route b - a
German route b - b

*The information’s are correct at the time of publishing, however it may change if university makes any changes after we have published the information. While we try our best to provide correct information, It is advisable to call us or visit university website for up to date information.

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