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BA (Hons) Fashion Design

You want to immerse yourself in studio practice  

You want the freedom to design. You want to learn about global fashion. You want to see your creative ideas come to life. You’re highly motivated and want to develop your unique style. We’ll set you exciting and diverse projects so you can bring your personality, your identity, and your culture into the heart of your studies. We’ll teach you how to think like a designer, to pattern cut and make, and explore techniques and understand materials. Know how important climate matters are? So do we. It’s in our DNA. We’ll teach you how fashion is adapting and changing, re-using and repurposing materials and garments into something new.  We’ll teach you about transparency and traceability, the circular economy and ethical behaviour.  We’ll encourage you to work independently whilst being on hand to offer plenty of support.  

At Herts, you’ll join an inspirational and collaborative community. You’ll have the technical facilities to explore your creativity and practice your skills. Be curious... now is the time to take risks. Our studios have everything you need. You’ll have access to mannequins, sewing machines, cutting tables, and metres upon metres of fabric and accessories. You’ll use Computer Aided Design to visualise and test your ideas in 2D and 3D. We’ll support you to create amazing designs, looks and collections for different markets, and show you how to promote them. Every step of the way you’ll benefit from our expertise and experience. You know you can thrive in the right environment. So do we. We want you to feel right at home in our studio. This is your place. Your space to create.   

You want to build a reputation as a designer 

You’ll benefit from our team of talented academics, technicians, industry experts and guest speakers. We collaborate with leading brands, designers and organisations. Ellesse, JORDANLUCA, and leading entrepreneurs like the founder of All Saints, to name but a few. You’ll gain access to global competitions, inspirational workshops, seminars and talks, work placements, employment, and live industry projects. There’s even the chance to win sponsorship: we’re a member of the British Fashion Colleges Council, meaning you can compete in prestigious competitions. In your final year, you’ll have the chance to exhibit your work to industry leaders at Graduate Fashion Week (GFW). Could you become a GFW finalist, or win one of their globally recognised awards? Some of our graduates already have. We have had top GFW finalists and our Alumni achieve top awards in the University of Hertfordshire’s FLAREIgnite competition to secure funding, mentoring and recognition for their exciting business ideas. With all this opportunity to be seen by the right people, you’ll have everything you need to launch a meaningful career in fashion.    

You want to study fashion culture

You want to study art and design philosophy. You want to explore the evolution of fashion through culture, technology and innovation.  Why do we gender clothing? What’s the role of social media in global fashion? You’ll extend your knowledge of expressive and functional fashion, of people, and markets. You’ll delve into ethical issues facing the global fashion industry and challenge convention. What’s the true cost of fast fashion? We’ll encourage you to investigate how society responds to, and influences, the fashion world. You’ll critically approach a variety of topics as you delve into case studies. You’ll research, evaluate, and analyse design and texts. Most importantly, we’ll encourage you to form your own views. You’ll become a fashion creative and critical thinker who’s ready for the next design challenge and inspire your creations with impassioned thought-provoking research.   

In the first year, you’ll learn core design and production skills. You’ll practice hand rendering techniques to produce technical drawings. You’ll visualise your designs with 2D and 3D technology. You’ll become competent in fitting and pattern cutting. We’ll teach you how different fabrics behave and the best way to construct garments. Together, we’ll explore the history of art and design. You’ll understand fashion in a wider social context. What are the issues facing the industry? With fashion there’s always much more than meets the eye. You’ll visit fashion houses to gain insights from industry experts. You’ll research case studies.  You’ll gain strong inquiry and analysis skills. We’ll explain industry-relevant language, so you’ll feel confident to write essays and design proposals. You’ll develop photographic, presentation and portfolio skills. This is the first step on your journey to create a professional design portfolio.  

In the second year, you’ll improve your technical design skills. Get stuck into sketching, drawing and illustrating. We’ll teach you advanced pattern cutting techniques using 2D and 3D technology. We’ll teach you new ways to construct clothes. Get creative on a deeper level. Develop your own visual identity and design signature. We’ll teach you fashion communication techniques. You’ll study branding and promotion in print and social media. We’ll set you ‘live’ assignments from our industry partners. You’ll design functional and commercially viable fashion. You’ll design for real people, real shapes, real sizes. We’ll encourage you to enter your work in international competitions. You’ll create engaging and inspired portfolios. You’ll expand your research into the theory behind fashion. What informs current design practice? We’ll encourage you to debate. To form your own judgements and present a compelling argument. You’ll have two opportunities this year to take a work placement. What will you discover?  

Between your second and final year, you will have the option to study abroad or do a work placement for a year. This will not only give you an amazing experience to talk about, but you’ll also boost your cv. If you’d rather go straight to your final year, that’s absolutely fine too. 

In the third year, you’ll produce your contemporary collection or equivalent. You’ll embrace traditional, new and emerging technologies to produce unique designs. You’ll work with a greater level of independence to create a professional portfolio. Be expressive. Inventive. We’ll teach you how to communicate a visual identity. To develop your brand. You’ll produce marketing and promotional material. Your designs won’t speak for themselves. But you can. We’ll encourage you to initiate work placements. To immerse yourself in a business. Benefit from industry mentorship. You’ll also pursue a detailed inquiry into an aspect of design culture that fascinates you. You’ll examine it from a historical, economic and technical viewpoint. You’ll produce a critical essay on a topic of your choice. Your research will inform your concept. You can create fashion which responds to social, cultural and environmental challenges. What will your contribution to fashion be? We’ll help you get your designs seen. To promote your work. You could enter your collection in the prestigious Graduate Fashion Week held at the Truman Brewery in London. This is your chance to prove you’ve got what it takes. That you’re a designer in the making. 

Entry Requirements

UCAS pointsA LevelBTECIB
104-112BCC-BBC - Including formal or informal qualifications in Art or DesignMMM-DMM104-112 UCAS

Access course: Diploma with 45 level 3 credits at merit.

All students from non-majority English speaking countries require proof of English language proficiency, equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

Career Prospects

The digital world has transformed the fashion industry. There are many jobs available to our graduates that didn’t exist a few years ago. You could become a designer or a stylist. Perhaps you’d like to get involved in digital marketing and social media campaigns? You could even start your own clothing line. Our degree makes all these options (and many more) available to you. Let your passion lead the way and your expertise guide you. Leave any self-doubt on the cutting room floor because our degree has your back.  

Graduates from this course have gone into a wide range of careers, from fashion design, pattern cutting and garment technology to sourcing and allocating, buying, production management, and more. The professional skills graduates obtain from this course also allow them to build successful freelance careers.

Course Details

Degree programmes are structured into levels, 4, 5 and 6.  These correspond to your first, second and third/final year of study. Below you can see what modules you’ll be studying in each. 

Year 1

Fashion design fundamentals (1): introduction to fashion principles
Fashion design skills (1): introduction to fashion function
Fashion design studio (1): introduction to fashion application
Critical and cultural studies: l4 fashion

Year 2

Fashion design fundamentals (2): fashion principles
Fashion design skills (2): fashion function
Fashion design studio (2): fashion innovation
Critical and cultural studies: l5 fashion
Year abroad
Professional work experience 30: design

Year 3

Fashion design: major project
Professional portfolio
Critical and cultural studies: l6 fashion degree essay
Year abroad
Sandwich year (creative arts)

*The information’s are correct at the time of publishing, however it may change if university makes any changes after we have published the information. While we try our best to provide correct information, It is advisable to call us or visit university website for up to date information.

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