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Infection and Immunity MSc

Infectious diseases are a key aspect of world health that often get overlooked. However, with the rise in incidence of antibiotic resistance and the increasing threat of emerging pathogens, infectious diseases are now taking their place at the forefront of public health. On this course you will explore the ability of microorganisms to cause disease even in the presence of our complex immune systems. As well as pathogenic mechanisms, you will also focus on current practices and cutting-edge developments in medical interventions to combat, control, and ultimately cure, infectious disease.

Why study this course with us?

We aim to develop your research and writing skills so that you will be in a position to contribute to the field in an effective manner. You will be trained to interpret the literature and translate that into evidence-based practice.

The course culminates in the


Research Dissertation, which will be assessed through your production of a research article written in the style of publishable scientific work and a short oral presentation. Options could include literature, data or laboratory-based projects, depending on research interests.

Entry Requirements

  • Honours Degree in Accounting, Business and Finance related degree with a 2:2 or above.  




    6.5 (Min 5.5 in each sub-skill)

  • PTE 

    65 overall (Min. 59 in each sub-skill)

Career Prospects

The course provides academic training for biomedical scientists, doctors or healthcare professionals in the field of infection and immunity.

If biomedical or clinical research is your interest, on successful completion of the MSc you may wish to continue with your education by studying for a PhD. Alternatively you could study for medicine, physician associate studies or a PGCE.

Course Details

Our course investigates different types of pathogen, how they cause disease, and the immune system’s response to them. You will review current guidelines and their evidence base in the therapeutic management of infections, and explore research into potential new therapies. You will also study vaccination protocols and explore novel immunological approaches.


Advanced Immunology (Compulsory)
Analysis and Interpretation of Clinical Data (Compulsory)
Clinical Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis (Compulsory)
Clinical Medicine (Compulsory)
Evidence Based Medicine (Compulsory)
Infectious Disease (Compulsory)
Research Dissertation (Compulsory)

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