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Biotechnology MSc

This course gives you an advanced understanding of molecular and computational biologies as well as the microbiological techniques at the forefront of technological developments in the field. It opens the door to a career in the biotechnology and allied industries.

Modern biotechnology is a hugely complex subject, drawing from a range of fields and technologies. On this course, you learn the latest new technologies in key areas; gain insights into how they are used in the global biotechnology industry; and discover how microbes can be used on an industrial scale to benefit humankind.

You also hone your research skills with a laboratory-based project in one of five taught areas: molecular biology; computational biology; applied microbiology; analytical biology; and biomaterials.

Why choose this course?

  • Study the latest developments in applied microbiology and computational biology in high-quality, broad-based classes taught by dedicated staff with research experience in specialist subject areas
  • Explore the latest technologies in molecular biology and the industrial processes that are used to exploit microbes for specific products and applications
  • Develop the ability to use information from relevant sources, and independently and critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship
  • Gain the ability to use assured, accurate and fluent language to present your work, and learn to develop graphs and images that clearly illustrate complex points
  • Benefit from a wide knowledge base and the key transferable skills that will give you the opportunity to take your career to new heights

Entry Requirements

  • MA/MSc/MBA/LLM a good honours degree, or equivalent qualification,

  • IELTS overall score of 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each element

Career Prospects

Career opportunities after completing Biotechnology MSc

  • Agricultural and Food Science Technician.
  • Animal Technician.
  • Biofuel Technician.
  • Biomanufacturing Technician - Downstream.
  • Biomanufacturing Technician - Upstream.
  • Cell Culture Technician.
  • Chemistry Quality Control Technician.
  • Clinical Research Associate.

Course Details

Demonstrate systematic understanding and a critical awareness of new technologies in molecular biology

Show significant knowledge and understanding of the principles of recombinant protein expression and development process;

Demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of nucleotide and protein sequence databases and the tools to model dimensional protein structures with molecular modelling software

Show systematic understanding of those industrial processes to exploit the use of microbes for a specific product or application;

Use assured, accurate and fluent language to present work both orally and in written form including use of graphs and images to clearly illustrate complex points;

Synthesise and effectively use information from relevant sources and to independently and critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in the relevant subject areas;


Biotechnology Research Project
Molecular Biology
Analytical methods
Applied Microbiology
Computational and Systems Biology

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