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Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies MSc

This course explores current trends in chemical, biological, and biotechnological therapeutics and examines the latest technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. You will gain an understanding of processes used in clinical trials and the development, manufacture, and regulation of medicines. Through an independent research project, you will study an area of interest in depth. Examples of projects include medicinal chemistry (e.g. synthesis of anti-cancer compounds and natural products), pharmaceutical technology (e.g. optimization of tablet manufacture and formulation), and drug delivery (e.g. smart polymer-based nanoparticles and extravascular peptide delivery).

Reasons to choose Kingston University

  • Specialised topics, such as pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance, are taught by staff who have experience working within the relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Guest speakers from the pharmaceutical sector share their industry perspectives on drug development.
  • The Management Studies pathway will place your scientific knowledge in a vocational context, which is ideal if you aspire to management roles.

Entry Requirements

  • A 2:2 or above honours degree in chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, biological science or biomedical science. Other chemistry or medical science degrees will be considered on an individual basis.

  • IELTS academic test in English with an


    overall score of 6.5,




    no element below 6.0

Career Prospects

On completion of the MSc, you will:

  • be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills relevant to a pharmaceutical science career in the pharmaceutical industry or public sectors - such as clinical trials, regulatory affairs, formulation, quality control, or marketing;
  • have developed the necessary skills to plan, carry out and effectively communicate an extensive independent piece of research - which will allow you to carry out further research studies;
  • have acquired new and/or improved practical skills, using a variety of equipment, techniques, and instrumentation; and
  • have developed a variety of key skills - such as communication, time-management, organizational and problem-solving skills, which are expected by future employers.

Recent graduates have gone on to a range of areas, including:

  • drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical technology;
  • drug formulation and analysis;
  • clinical trials;
  • pharmacovigilance;
  • regulatory affairs;
  • sales and marketing; and

Course Details

The Pharmaceutical Science MSc course focuses on:

  • the development, analysis a,nd production of medicines;
  • the drug industry;
  • clinical trials; and
  • regulatory affairs.

You have the chance to study recent trends in chemical, biological, nd biotechnological therapeutics, coupled with the latest technologies. This is ideal if you wish to work in:

  • marketing, sales o,r public relations;
  • regulatory affairs;
  • production, process development o,r medical statistics; or
  • clinical trials.

Core Pathway

Statistics and Quality Systems
Pharmaceutical and Analytical Technology
Manufacture and Clinical Trials of Medicines
Design, Discovery and Development of Pharmaceuticals

Management Studies pathway Modules

Statistics and Quality Systems
Pharmaceutical and Analytical Technology
Manufacture and Clinical Trials of Medicines
Business in Practice

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