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Human Rights MA

This course explores how human rights link to politics, culture, institutions, organizations, nation-states, pressure groups, movements, and values.

You will analyze situations that have led to the violation of human rights. Examples include the use of drones in the "war on terror", United Nations negotiations to create a treaty on the human rights obligations of transnational corporations, the challenge of rising populism, questions of poverty and human rights in the USA and the UK, the rights of LGBTQI+ people, and the protection of refugees who flee conflicts and disasters. Optional modules and a dissertation will enable you to study your interests in depth.

You will benefit from teaching from human rights practitioners and specialists. Course leader Stephen Bowen has 25 years of experience as an international human rights practitioner, including Campaigns Director of Amnesty International UK, Chief Human Rights Officer for the United Nations Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights, and Legal Adviser to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

Reasons to choose Kingston University

  • This course is taught in collaboration with Kingston University's Centre for Human Rights Practice. Staff includes human rights practitioners, specialists, and researchers.
  • Guest lecturers, from human rights and international organizations, have included politician and activist Shami Chakrabarti, and the directors of non-governmental organizations.
  • For the two years with a placement option, you will gain valuable experience through a placement in a human rights or social justice organization.

Course Details

You will look at the organizations and activities involved in the protection of human rights. You will explore social and campaigning movements, pressure groups, nation-states, and international and transnational organizations, and examine the scope of their contributions to the development of human rights and social justice.

You will analyze current international situations and relations between states and non-state organizations where conflicts have resulted in considerable violations of human rights.

You will investigate the challenges and demands that arise from the continual movements of peoples, refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who flee conflicts and disasters, seeking the realisation of their fundamental rights.

Key topics in the curriculum are compiled on an annual basis, so your learning is based on major contemporary issues in human rights. For example, recent case studies in the core modules have addressed the human rights implications of the use of drones in the "war on terror"; the status of UN negotiations to create a legally binding treaty on human rights and transnational corporations; the challenge of rising populism; and the question of extreme poverty and human rights in the USA.

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