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Marketing Management top up BA

Our BA (Hons) Marketing Management top-up course, which is a one year intensive course, has been designed to give you a direct route into marketing and management careers, and to develop you into a professional marketing manager ready for the future, upon successful completion.

The global marketing environment is currently undergoing a series of fundamental and far-reaching social and technological changes. Hence, the course aims to equip you with the knowledge and managerial skills to succeed in these new market realities. It will also help provide you with the opportunity to stand out to potential employers upon successful completion; the specialist knowledge and innovative patterns of thinking you should gain aims to enhance your career prospects. Graduates of the course have the opportunity to develop critical knowledge and competencies in strategic marketing management, PR and communication and digital marketing.

While studying here in the heart of the City of London, you can benefit from your tutors’ extensive industry experience, and you will be able to make the most of numerous opportunities for learning which lie beyond the University’s doors.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this course are creative, courageous, innovative and globally aware individuals who are ready to advance their careers in marketing or a wider business context.

When you graduate, you’ll have well-developed powers of analysis, clear perspectives on strategic thinking, and highly effective communication and research skills. You will also be familiar with issues of ethics, sustainability and globalisation. These skills are in high demand by employers in the private, public and third sectors.

You will be self-motivated and confident, able to make organisational improvements by challenging existing practice. Your academic learning will be grounded in practical exposure to the world of work, within and beyond the classroom, so you’ll be ready to make a smooth transition to the workplace. And you’ll have developed an approach to lifelong personal and professional development.

Where our graduates work

A wide range of options will be open to you when you graduate. You might choose to take up a role in marketing, or you could apply your skills to a different business function – such as sales, product development or the supply chain. You could also go into a linked field, such as journalism or consultancy, or you could start your own business or agency.

You might take up a role with a private company, or in the public sector or for a not-for-profit organisation such as a charity. You might join a specialist agency which provides particular services to businesses, perhaps as a strategist, a creative or an account handler. Types of agencies include branding, advertising, PR, market research, SEO, media-buying, design, digital, video production, social media, and more. 

Course Details

The BA (Hons) Marketing Management top-up course relates academic studies to practical experience through a wide range of teaching and learning approaches, including the opportunities to work on real-life business challenges with business professionals, and via educational trips and experiential activities.

Please note that trips, activities, opportunities with business professionals are subject to competitive application, availability, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional fees may apply. This one-year course is designed to emphasise the latest marketing practices used by successful organisations as they compete in increasingly complex, digital and global markets. You will explore how to apply new marketing techniques and interpret knowledge, with the chance to assess what is best practice to help find solutions to a wide range of marketing management challenges.

Studying in the heart of the City of London, you should find major centres for internationally important organisations in close proximity. We help you build on opportunities with the aim of developing your knowledge, understanding and critical-thinking skills. You will focus on problem-solving solutions in areas required at the corporate and operational marketing levels that aim to help you with your career prospects with global organisations, upon successful completion. In addition, the course aims to help you to improve communication, interpersonal and life-long learning skills.

This academic year should plunge you into a wide range of subjects designed to help you expand your understanding of and exposure to the professional world of marketing and strategic marketing management. You will also look at the international and cultural contexts of marketing, providing the opportunity to enhance your global perspective. At the same time, you will have opportunities to develop your business skills and practice management judgement.

At the start of the year, you will focus on management perspectives which will encourage you to develop intellectual and professional attributes needed for strategic analysis. This foundation should help you across the year as you explore how to make balanced choices between alternative strategies, including the opportunity to assess the challenges of developing strategic plans. You will also be introduced to the concepts of implementing marketing strategies using marketing programmes and campaign plans, and have the chance to consider the relevance of traditional and innovative marketing techniques using data analytics and digital marketing tools.

You should build understanding and skills during your course, which should consolidate this knowledge through an emphasis on application by creating solutions to real-life business problems. You will look into the wider context of marketing issues and have the opportunity to create comprehensive marketing strategies using a range of channels and market sectors. Additionally, you will undertake a Marketing Simulation; a mandatory project where you will have the chance to apply mainstream concepts and theories, and explore current developments.

These subjects are designed to assist and help you in becoming a marketing professional with a diverse range of skills and competencies, upon successful completion.

All modules listed below are mandatory:

Strategic Management
Marketing and Digital Strategy
Strategic Marketing Management
Contemporary Issues in Global Marketing
Strategic PR and Communication
Marketing Simulation

*The information’s are correct at the time of publishing, however it may change if university makes any changes after we have published the information. While we try our best to provide correct information, It is advisable to call us or visit university website for up to date information.

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