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Mechanical Engineering (Building Services) with Foundation Year

Building service engineers play a critical role in the on and off-site construction process and in designing new systems and techniques that are driving the industry.

Our degree gives you the confidence to not only interact with businesses involved in building services, but also with peers from other sectors to solve real-life problems using the innovative CDIO approach. 

We also ensure that there is considerable focus on your employability, and actively encourage work placements with the likes of EDF, Delphi and Southeast Water to help you on your path into the industry.

Our foundation year option enables you to join the Mechanical Engineering (Building Services) course even if you don’t have the formal qualifications or experience to meet the entry requirements. It equips you with the knowledge to move into formal degree study, setting you up for future success.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are typically 32-112 UCAS points including minimum 5 GCSEs (including maths, English language and science). However, students who have typically:

  • 32-88 UCAS points at Level 3 and studied at least one of the following: A level maths, A level physics, A level applied science, A level engineering, BTEC Engineering Diploma.
  • 88-112 UCAS points at Level 3 and who have not studied: A level maths, A level physics, A level applied science, A level engineering, BTEC Engineering Diploma.
  • 32-112 UCAS points at Level 3 in maths, science or engineering and who have not been in full-time/part-time education for many years.
    • 5 GCSEs grade C/4 or above (including maths, English language, science)
    • Science can be physics, chemistry, biology or computer science

    The course will provide you with further science and maths knowledge and understanding that underpins mechanical engineering and that will support your further pursuit of studying a MEng/BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (Building Services).

    For more information on the IELTS (International English language Testing System) requirements for this course

Course Details

The foundation year will support you and give you study skills and foundations of engineering that you need to start Year 1 of the degree. You'll learn about general engineering science, physics, chemistry, computer programming and maths, and you'll develop higher education study skills.

As you progress to the degree, you'll learn about professional practical engineering and you'll study engineering design and engineering science. You'll explore mechanical engineering in depth and will study modules such as dynamics of solid materials and mechanics, and smart building technology communication, control and instrumentation systems.

All through the course, you'll experience plenty of hands-on learning through active learning laboratories, engineering laboratories and the use of engineering workshops and makerspace. You will undertake small group projects, typically sourced from industry. You'll also develop skills and confidence enabling you to:

  • work effectively and supportively in diverse and inclusive groups
  • communicate effectively in groups and one to one
  • apply project management to group-work
  • apply principles of commercial management and consideration of wider issues.

Each year you will undertake a large group project which will be supported by the use of on-line tools and on-line project management approach akin to industry. These projects, which are typically sourced from industry, will help you build in confidence and develop your learning in engineering business, practice and project management.

In year 1, you'll be supported and have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding and some application. As you progress to year 2, you'll build in confidence and apply your knowledge and understanding to conceive, design, build and operate a solution to a problem. In your third year, you will undertake an individual research and development project that will inform the group project and help you to develop and illustrate the ability to critically analyse the application of your knowledge and understanding to solve an engineering problem.

You'll also have the opportunity to undertake a work placement and gain valuable experience working and developing relationships with industry experts.

Year 1

Professional Practical Engineering (with Mechatronics Project)
Mathematics and Computing for Engineers
Introduction to Engineering Design
Introduction to Electro-Mechanical Systems and Practice
Introduction to Material Engineering Characteristics & Manufacture

Year 2

Engineering Product Lifecycle
Computer Aided Engineering and Design
Dynamics of Solid Mechanics and Materials
Dynamics of Fluid and Thermal Systems
Smart Building Technology Communication, Control and Instrumentation Systems

Year 3

Professional Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Project
FEA for Mechanics and Materials
CFD for Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Modelling
Industry 4.0 for Manufacturer
Design for Manufacture Modular Build
Placement Module

Fundamentals of Engineering
General Engineering Science Skills\
Mathematics for Engineers
Fundamentals of Physics
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Materials

*The information’s are correct at the time of publishing, however it may change if university makes any changes after we have published the information. While we try our best to provide correct information, It is advisable to call us or visit university website for up to date information.

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