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We will closely assist you from counselling and university applications to visa applications.

We will take you through a near- realistic pre-departure session for better adjustments in your new learning and living environment.

We will assist you through our on-arrival and welfare support program so you have our UK team on standby to guide you navigate any issues you may encounter during your study.

Our vibrant partnerships with universities enables us to render these services to you for FREE, so do not worry about making any financial commitments to us.

How we can help

  • Personalized Guidance
    Our dedicated team of education consultants will work closely with you to understand your academic background, career goals, and preferences
  • Application Assistance
    We'll assist you throughout the application process, ensuring that all your documents are complete and submitted on time.
  • Visa Support
    Our experienced immigration consultants will guide you in preparing the necessary documents, and offer support throughout the visa application process.
  • Scholarship guidance
    Our team will help you explore scholarship opportunities and financial aid options available to Bangladeshi students.
  • Pre-Departure Support
    We'll provide comprehensive pre-departure support to prepare student for life in the UK.
  • Post-Arrival Support
    We will provide guidance on accommodation arrangements, banking guidance, and tips on adjusting to a new culture in UK.

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Why Study in UK

Globally Recognized Education

world-class universities and colleges

The UK is renowned for its world-class universities and colleges, offering a wide range of academic programs and degrees that are recognized and respected worldwide.

Quality Education Standards

4 out of top 10 Universities are from UK, according to QS World University Rankings 2023

UK educational institutions are known for their high academic standards, rigorous teaching methodologies, and emphasis on practical learning. You'll gain a competitive edge and acquire the skills necessary to excel in your chosen field.

Diverse Range of Courses

UK offers a diverse range of courses to suit your interests and career aspirations

Whether you aspire to pursue business, engineering, arts, sciences, or any other discipline, the UK offers a diverse range of courses to suit your interests and career aspirations. You'll have the opportunity to explore and specialize in your desired field of study.

Cutting-Edge Research Opportunities

well known for it's ground-breaking research and innovation

The UK is at the forefront of ground-breaking research and innovation. By studying here, you'll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative research opportunities that can shape your academic and professional journey.

Cultural Experience

vibrant multicultural environment

Studying in the UK provides a rich cultural experience. You'll have the chance to immerse yourself in a vibrant multicultural environment, meet students from all around the world, and develop a global perspective. It's an opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your network.

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Why is UK a good destination to study?

Home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities, the UK Higher Education System is reputed for its excellent quality of education, unique educational framework, and interactive teaching methodology. Every year, thousands of students apply to study abroad in the UK. You can do the same and study abroad in the United Kingdom. Student Connect is here as your higher education consultants in the UK!

UK universities are consistently securing top positions in reputed world university rankings such as the QS World Rankings, Times Higher Education Ranking, and Academic Ranking of World Universities. For international students who dream of pursuing their higher education in the UK, the possibilities offered by globally recognized degrees awarded by prestigious UK universities is endless.

What is the duration of courses in the UK?

Foundation – up to 12 months

Pre Masters – 3 to 6 months

Undergraduate – 3 years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 4 years in Scotland Post Graduate – 1 year across the UK, at times certain courses which requires professional practice such as Architecture, Health courses or courses with placement/ internship makes the course duration up to 27 months.

PhD – 4 years or more depending on the duration of the research topic.

Is it expensive to study and live in the UK?

Studying in the UK can be expensive but with proper financial planning, it could be more affordable than other countries such as Canada, US, Australia and NZ. UK course duration is shorter than these countries and UK has a long tradition of providing prospective international students with merit based and country-based scholarships which will reduce your tuition fee.

For example, you can complete a master’s degree within £14,000 which is not expensive when compared to Canada, USA and or Australia. You also get to recover these during your 2-year graduate route work visa.

Living as an international student in the United Kingdom is expensive compared to some other countries. However, the return on investment in spending all that money on your vital growth and education is definitely higher than your investment.

Like any country, how expensive is to live in the UK depends on your lifestyle choices, where you live and how you choose to spend your money. For example, living in London requires lot more money than living in West Midlands or Liverpool.

Are the UK universities recognized worldwide?

Simple answer YES!

UK education will open doors for you to further your career anywhere in the world. We are pioneers in education and it's recognized by all kinds of employers including Fortune 500 companies. UK is home to some of the world’s best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics and so forth. The large number of international students in the UK is testament to the fact that UK degrees have been popular across the globe. Students from other developed countries such as USA, Australia and Canada come to the UK to study for its fierce reputation and being in the heart of Europe.

Are there world top ranking universities in the UK?

Yes, more than 20 UK universities are in the world Top 100 Universities. More detailed information on this can be found at:

Does UK university rankings matter?

The answer is more complex than a yes or no. Rankings do matter as different organizations rank universities in different order. For example, Guardian League Table, Complete University guide, QS world rankings, Student Crowd and so forth. It can be confusing and information overload.

What we would advise student to do is speak with an expert counsellor of our team who will be able to address all your concerns around rankings, explain you the subject reputation, the university and its facilities, our experience of dealing with university partners and their facilities.

How is UK better than other countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and NZ?

UK is better in terms of course duration and student experience aspect. The UK universities have excellent student support services including departments such as Wellbeing, Students Union, Careers office, Placement Office, International Office. While other countries definitely have these as well, but in the UK the support services go a step beyond in supporting you to complete your studies.

Also due to course duration being short, your expenses are also less, living cost in the UK can be lower than other countries if you plan your spending.

UK offers graduate route visa upon finishing your degree. The graduate route visa enables international students to work in the UK in any field for at least two years and afterwards you have the choice of either setting up your own business or finding sponsored work visa. Upon living in the UK for a certain period of time, you can choose to make UK your home providing you meet the requirements legally.

UK is also closer to most south Asian, Middle Eastern/ North African and SS African Countries making it easier for you to travel home quicker if required.

UK admission process and visa process is fairly straight forward process in comparison to other countries. Most international students get a visa decision within three weeks which may not be the case with other countries.

When applying to UK universities, you can rely on other means of English Testing apart from IELTS for most courses which are cheaper than IELTS.

UK student community enjoys many discounts just being a student, from stores to transportation to restaurants, full time students gets various kinds of discounts to support themselves.

When do I have to apply for post study or graduate route visa?

Prior to the expiration of your student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa, you must apply. Once your educational university has notified the Home Office that you successfully completed the course you studied while on a Tier 4 (General) student visa, you can submit an application.

I did not successfully complete my studies; can I still apply for psw or graduate route visa?

The answer is NO. You need to successfully finish your degree to be able to apply for graduate route visa.

From graduate route visa, which other visas can I apply to stay in the UK?

While you are on your graduate route visa, you can switch to a skilled worker visa if you find an employer who is offering to sponsor you. An skilled worker visa will enable you to stay in the UK as a skilled migrant for 3-5 years.

Apart from that, if you have a suitable innovative business plan and wish to set up business, you can also apply for a start-up or innovator visa.

Can I start my own business in the UK after studies, which visa would it be?

Yes you can set up your own business in the UK after studies. You can either apply for start-up visa or you can apply for innovator visa.

Do you provide support with other visa information after post study work?

Yes we will guide you with necessary visa information.

After degree in UK what help students may have from SCL regarding placement / immigration in UK / migration to USA or Canada / migration within European countries?

At Student Connect, we sincerely wish to establish a life-long relation with our respective clients. Therefore, our services are not limited to admission and student visa support, instead, we are here to guide you towards your further journey in life.

– Upon finishing your degree, if you wish to study further, we will provide consultation support in each stage of your application process.

– Our team of visa experts will guide you with graduate route visa application.

– Our team of experts will guide you on CV preparation to secure a placement or graduate employment.

– From 2024, we will be processing US, Canada and Australian student visa applications and admissions. Therefore, students who wish to move to these countries from UK can get consultation support from our team of experts.