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Since our initiation in 2010, Student Connect has helped thousands of students to enter many of the highly ranked UK universities. For any international student, it is a life-changing experience to study in the UK. Its world-renowned universities give you the opportunity to be ahead of the race in your professional career. We are committed to providing an honest, transparent and relevant service to potential international students. I say this with conviction due to this being very relevant to my own higher education journey. I arrived in the UK for my postgraduate degree with little or no support in terms of guidance and support. This experience shaped my vision for Student Connect in understanding the service potential students require for international education.

I am passionate about the potential of transnational education in the UK and its potency to transform lives. Our highly trained consultants, counsellors and advisers' experts in their field will diligently work with you and deal with each and every student with great care. Our ethos of honesty, transparency and dedication to your success will guide us in delivering you with world-class service. We believe every student is unique, coming from different academic, cultural and social backgrounds. Our bespoke service is designed to meet the requirement of every individual practising values of compassion, active listening and expertise.

On behalf of the entire team at Student Connect, we would like to wish you every success in your academic career of applying to the UK university of your dreams. It is our mission, to assist you in achieving this success and building your future! 


Zainul Abedin
CEO & Founder
Student Connect Ltd

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