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MA Education

Schooling can be viewed as just one context within which education may take place; there are many other contexts in which educational approaches are used to work with children, young people and adults. Some of these contexts include advisory work, early childhood practice, educational administration and policy, learning support and the third sector to enhance educational provision for children, families and communities. This MA will explore education across these different areas.

The programme will draw on the wider professional experiences that students may have of working in contexts where educational approaches are important. These may include experiences such as employment in youth work, sports’ coaching with young people, working for charities with children and young people to provide learning opportunities in this country or internationally.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants should have a 2:2 or better in a directly relevant discipline or a degree in any discipline with 2 years relevant professional experience. 
  • Postgraduate degrees – 6.5 overall with a minimum 5.5 in each component.

Career Prospects

The programme supports and enables you to:

  • Move into or develop your career in working with children and young people. Depending on professional qualifications already achieved, this might include advisory work, teaching, early childhood practice, learning support, careers in youth engagement and participation, working for community, non-governmental organisations and the third sector to enhance and enrich educational provision for children, families and communities both in the UK and internationally
  • Move into or develop careers in policy-making, implementation and development of children and young peoples’ services / education, education information management or administration and contract research both in the UK and internationally. 
  • Undertake a Doctorate and move into a career in academic research.

Course Details

This MA will cover critical social and educational theories and perspectives, as well as policy and practice relevant to global and local educational contexts. It will support you to achieve a critical awareness and understanding of education in its broadest sense as a process of human learning and development.

You will be introduced to the key concepts of race, ethnicity, class and gender in the Power in Education and Society module. You will be moved beyond theoretical knowledge to reach an informed position in relation to equality, diversity and social justice in education. Awareness will be raised of past and current international discourses in education, critically examining how they impact on children, young people, families and communities.

Compulsory modules
• Power in Education and Society: Discourses of Difference
• Social and Educational Research
Optional modules
• Early Childhood Pedagogy and Practice
• Representing Childhoods
• Developing Staff and Leading Teams
• Understanding Language Learning and Teaching
• Philosophy of Social Science Research
• General Research Skills
• Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Excellence: from Glass Ceilings to Sticky Floors
• Contemporary Education Policy Debates: National and International Perspectives
• Social-Emotional Dimensions of Education and Wellbeing
• Introduction to Research Design
• Qualitative Research Approaches
• Quantitative Research Approaches
• Social Theory and Research
• Developing Inclusive Practice: Applying Critical & Social Pedagogies
• Race and Racism in Contemporary Education
Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
• APEL Portfolio
Dissertation module
• Dissertation
Independent Study module
• Independent Study

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