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BSc (Hons) Public Health & Wellbeing (with Foundation Year)

Why choose this course?

Health is one of the most important things to people, yet many people spend so much of their lives in poor health. Our public health degree aims provide the knowledge, skills and attributes to become effective public health practitioners, capable of working with an array of populations and tackling contemporary and 'wicked' public health issues.

You will:

  • Explore how public health practitioners seek to protect, improve and promote the physical and mental health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and nations in rapidly changing social, economic, technological and planetary environments.
  • Learn about creating the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ conditions for people to live healthily, as well as tackling the injustices that mean not everyone has the same ability to be healthy and well.

Entry Requirements

The general requirement for admission to the degree is 48-72 UCAS points at A level or equivalent – this includes relevant Access to Higher Education courses. Applicants should also demonstrate the emotional and psychological maturity required to work with vulnerable people in distress and the resilience needed to cope with the demands in this sector.


6.0 (with no individual skill score below 5.5)

Career Prospects

Graduates of the course would be well-placed to pursue careers in any of the following areas:

  • Health Promotion
  • Ill-health Prevention
  • Health Improvement
  • Community Health Development
  • Assessment and Surveillance of the Population’s Health and Wellbeing
  • Identification of and Planning for Public Health Emergencies
  • Identification of Health Challenges and Hazards in Key Settings
  • Health-related Research
  • Health-related Education
  • Development of Public/Mental Health Policy
  • Commissioning, Delivery and Evaluation of Health Services
  • Reduction of Health Inequalities
  • Link Working, Care Navigation and Social Prescribing
  • Advocacy

Graduates may go on to work in many different settings, including local or national government, the third sector, or National Health Service. Alternatively, students may wish to develop their own social enterprise in the field of public health, mental health and/or wellbeing.

Course Details


This highly supportive foundation year will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and issues in health, mental health and wellbeing, and help you to secure strong footings in personal, academic and professional skills for success in Higher Education and the field of public health and wellbeing.


  • The Skills You Need (Core)
  • Contextual Studies (Core)
  • Fundamentals of Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing (Core)
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology (Core)
  • Professional Communication in a Health Context (Core)
  • Fundamental Capabilities for Working in Health and Wellbeing (Core)


This important second year will introduce you to the key challenges and concepts in the field of public health, mental health and wellbeing, encouraging you to question common assumptions and develop a more reality congruent understanding. It will also provide you with strong foundations in the skills for success when learning in Higher Education and working in the public health field. 


  • Study Skills and Personal Development (Core)
  • Health of the Nation: State of Play (Core)
  • Health, Wellbeing and the Body (Core)
  • Health Inequalities and Social Justice (Core)
  • Key Concepts in Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing (Core) understanding of concepts and issues.


This exciting third year will develop your knowledge and understanding of health behaviour, and how unhealthy habits of body and mind lead to contemporary public health issues such as obesity, substance misuse and mental illness. You will also begin to explore solutions to public health issues through policies and health improvement and promotion strategies and continue in your journey toward developing employability skills to work in this field.


  • Personal and Professional Development (Core)
  • Health Behaviour across the Life Course (Core)
  • Contemporary Issues in Public Health (Core)
  • Preparing for Real World Research in Health (Core)
  • Strategies for Health Improvement and Promotion (Core)
  • Policy and Practice in Public Health (Core)


This highly applied final year includes opportunities for you to undertake a research project in an area of personal interest related to public health, mental health and/or wellbeing, and to continue to develop your skills for professional practice. It will also build upon the previous years by critically exploring health behaviour change and grappling with the ‘wicked problems’ in public health, drawing upon theory, evidence and practical experience to do so. 


  • Developing Practice and Preparing for Employment (Core)
  • Doing Real World Research in Health (Core)
  • Health Behaviour Change: Theory and Practice (Core)
  • Wicked Problems and Emerging Threats in Public Health (Core)
  • Working with Public Health Data (Core)
*The information’s are correct at the time of publishing, however it may change if university makes any changes after we have published the information. While we try our best to provide correct information, It is advisable to call us or visit university website for up to date information.

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